How To Get Your Full Life Back, By Gaining Strength and Mobility Despite having Bad Knees 

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You know you need to exercise to look after your health and body. 

So why does it feel like such a struggle? When you finally decide to get your activewear on and join a local fitness class, watch a YouTube video, or online workout you end up thinking: 

  • "Argh, they really expect me to jump like that?"
  • "My knees ache doing this exercise!"
  • "Lunges? Um, no. So what shall I do while I wait for you guys?"
  • "This is way too challenging."
  • "Am I doing this exercise right? Because this hurts my knees." 
  • "I'm too old/too unfit for this game."
  • "Clearly I can no longer do this sort of exercise."
  • "I'm frustrated that I'm not achieving the strength and body I want."

Really, it's beyond frustrating. You are almost at the point of feeling like this must be it. Your lot in life now. And at the point of accepting that your knees are going to hinder you for good. Except that you're not quite ready to give in yet...

Because you KNOW that you should be exercising. You want to look after yourself. You want to gain back the lost mobility, strength and muscle that you used to have. And you want to enjoy life without your knees holding you back!

If any of this resonates with you then read on because I remember my husband feeling exactly the same way. Trying to find exercise he enjoyed - like tennis, badminton and running. 

His brain was telling him he wanted to do these things, but his knees were telling him a WHOLE different story!

And so he carried on his day to day life as best he could. He was witnessing life moving on with other people - doing everyday things or big active pursuits - but not feeling like he had the same opportunities himself. His knees were holding him back completely.  


Is this where you're at today?

If you’re like him, you probably want a step-by-step practical process (with real-time support) to help you do the right exercises and workouts for your bad knees, right?  

Because let’s face it, there’s so much info and inspiration out there - but it’s useless unless applied!  


So I asked for trust from Daan (he's from The Netherlands - his name is the Dutch equivillent of Dan) to let me help him. 

I knew in my heart that he had to make a change to his physical body and I was sick and tired of him just sitting around and waiting for his knees to get better. I got to work (on what ACTUALLY makes a difference) and wrote him some workouts that were safe for his knees. And the results have been profound...

Daan no longer suffers daily with constant knee pain and has even taken up running - which used to cause him agony! 


  • You know EXACTLY how to do effective workouts at home that will improve your knees, rather than aggravate them.
  • You no longer struggle with so many of the 'little things' in life like bending down or putting on your socks.
  • You have gained back your strength, fitness and mobility so that everyday life tasks are easier. 
  • You can garden, dance, shop, stroll around markets and play with your kids or grandkids with more ease. 
  • You feel confident in yourself and in your body. 
  • You have more energy and zest for life!
  • Where we live in a world where it's the norm to be strong right into our later years!


There's a simple solution to getting the exact workouts you need for your bad knees! 

It's something that no one (that I've seen!) in the mainstream exercise world is doing for people like you, unless you choose to pay for top 1 on 1 training. 


It's the removal of everything that aggravates your knees!

It make sense right? Take out the running. The jumping. The deep squats. The lunges. And even all the exercises that ask you to kneel on your knees like push ups and planks. All the things that cause you to wince if you try them. Or have you pay for it the next day - in pain.

" Fi as a trainer is exceptional! An absolutely amazing trainer who keeps each class so fun and so different, you never know what to expect so each class is varied and goes so quickly. Her energy is highly contagious, she’s fun, has a huge passion for what she does and is highly knowledgeable when it comes to health and fitness. She is so personable and has a huge heart." - SARAH MILLER 

" Fi as a trainer and human is highly motivating, non judgmental and informative. She knows her stuff!" - AMBER REEVES  

" Fi is ‘real’. She is a great role model and motivator-no matter what fitness level you are. Fi takes a personal approach to everyone and will tailor the exercise to suit your ability. - LESLEY STANDEVEN-KIM  

" Fi as a trainer is EPIC! Fi always gives it her all. She modifys her workouts to suit the needs of everyone attending her bootcamp. She inspires you to want to keep going. Her workouts are the best I've ever done with so much variety. Her personality is infectious and that translates to the best workouts that lift your body and mind." - SARAH WICKENDEN  


A Workout and Coaching Membership for People with Bad Knees Who Are Ready To Revamp Their Body, Health And Life 


And when that happens, well, you just hold on for the ride because your life will be forever different. Which has been the case for Daan, who is now back to being active, running and has little to no knee pain!  

Not only that, you’ll have weekly access to a growing community of people on the same journey - and me - to keep you supported and accountable. Which is the key to keeping one foot in front of the other and taking action - and doing the workouts. Even when life is challenging. 

Here's What You Can Expect When You Join As A Member of Save The Knees:

  • Save the Knees 28 Day Program, the place to start from if you've been inactive, so that you can gradually build up your strength and tolerance to exercise, as well as make small lifestyle habit changes.
  • The Seated Program, for those with particularly painful knees or osteoarthritis of the knee, so that if your knees do not support you whilst standing, you can continue building strength while sitting down.
  • A growing library of bodyweight workouts, so that you can exercise from anywhere, any time.
  • A growing library of dumbbell workouts, so that you can increase your strength quickly.
  • A growing library of resistance band workouts, so that you can target your body parts with greater ease.
  • A growing library of kettlebell workouts, so that you can increase your mobility and decrease your boredom when working out.

And that's just the exercise side of things!


- A private Member Only Facebook Community, to get the support and accountability from Fi and the other members.

Take your body and health to



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Save the Knees Membership

The ever-growing library of workouts! Bodyweight. Dumbbells. Resistance Bands. Kettlebells. And all additional extras in the future.

Save your Knees 28 Day Program

The program designed to gradually accustomise your body to exercising. Build up your strength and tolerance to exercise and your knees over 4 weeks. Bring awareness and changes to key lifestyle and nutrition habits that may be holding you back with your health.  

Save your Knees Seated Program

The program designed for those less mobile. Short 10 minute workouts done in a seated position. An ever-growing library of workouts. Bodyweight Dumbbells Resistance Bands Progression Calendars  

Continuing your journey to a more mobile, stronger body is as easy as 1... 2... 3...!

Why You Can NO LONGER AFFORD To Ignore Your Bodies Need To Exercise!

  • You will lose 1% of your muscle mass for each year after the age of 35 if do not do resistance training. And walking does not count in this category sorry. The good news is you're never too old to start! In fact the muscles of a 80 year old respond in the same way to exercise as the muscles of a 20 year old! 
  • Your knees will continue to decline, or stay as they are without exercise. But, the leading 'strategy' to improve arthritic knees, is in fact... exercise! Despite it feeling counterintuative, the RIGHT movement will strengthen the surrounding muscles thereby helping to protect your knees.
  • Life's daily activities are only going to get harder without overall body strength and fitness. Activities such as gardening, walking with friends or the dog, shopping, scrolling markets and keeping up with your kids or grandkids or simply walking up and down stairs. 
  • Studies show that those who are inactive are up to twice as likely to have depressive symptoms than active people. 
  • Regular exercise can reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease by up to 40%. 

" Fiona is a ray of sunshine! She is more than just a personal trainer. She is a health/life coach who will support you to achieve your goals. She is 100% committed and passionate about what she does. For me she has delivered the knowledge, the action plan and the support. Being a mum of three she understands the pressures of our busy lives and has solutions to fit excercise into your life." - CERIAN HAMILTON

"Fi is an absolutely incredible person. Shes approachable, friendly and puts 100% into every session. Fi will cater each session to meet everyones needs and and help you achieve your fitness and personal goals." - MONICA SAMY  


Save The Knees Membership for a 14 Day Trial for free!

And Get Started on Your Journey to Increased Mobility and Strength and Move Through Life with More Ease. 

After your trial is up, you can stay a Member of Save the Knees and continue to get access to ALL programs and Live Calls and Trainings while you remain a member for monthly payments of just NZ$24.97.  

Or, you can get the 28 Day Program alone for one payment of just NZ$29.97

I'll take the 28 Day Program! 

Your 30-Day Worry-Free Guarantee

I am personally committed to providing AWESOME workouts that are safe for bad knees (not specific injury rehabilitation or post-surgery rebilitation) that will make a positive impact in the lives of my Members. 

If you are not completely satisfied by the workouts and content inside Save Your Knees Membership, the 28 Day Program and the Seated Program, simply send an email to for a FULL REFUND. No hurdles. No hiding. No questions asked. 

NOTE: If the ONLY thing holding you back from taking action and investing time in your health and body is a fear of "will this work for me?" or "How can I trust my knees are going to be okay?" I encourage you to re-read my words above. I will honour this guarantee without exception, because I'm committed to giving the best possible experience to my members. And if we are not a right fit, I am here to rectify the situation. 

Plus, receive these Exclusive Enrollment Bonuses (Total Value = $197) 

Bonus #1: Live Monthly Group Coaching Calls (Total Value = $149)

Not only do you get all the workout you ever need to change your body, but you'll also get live group coaching calls with me! On our Live Group Calls, held via Zoom video conference, you'll be able to ask your specific nutrition, emotional eating and healthy lifestyle-related questions and get feedback from me in real time!

Bonus #2: Live Weekly Workouts (Total Value = $48)

Along with your ever-growing library of workouts, you can join me once a week for a Live Bodyweight Workout at 1pm Fridays (NZ time) via Zoom video conference. This will give you the chance to ask for technique advice and feedback in real time!

Hey there, I’m Fi Modderman  

I love helping amazing people with bad knees (just like you!) get active again and STAY active! 

As a teenager, I fell in love with helping people through exercise. So I went on to study my Bachelors of Physical Education, majoring in Exercise Prescription.  

Since then, I have got (a lot!) older, had three children and now keeping my body strong, mobile and healthy is one of my top priorities as I age.  

And as such, I went on to become a Certified Health Coach, to help those that need it, to change habits of lifetime to support good health and vitality!  

I've been modifying the bootcamps I run for the past 5 years for people who experience knee pain, so that they can still stay strong and healthy. And personal training clients with bad knees for almost that long as well.  

Now it's time to spread the knee-love out to the world because YOU TOO can do this!

Ready to get started?

Do you still have questions? 

What if the workouts still hurt my knees? - That's a very fair question and I appreciate your concern. Whilst I have done my utmost to write workouts that do not aggravate bad knees, they are not going to work for every, single, person. If you give them a go and you're experiencing worse pain than normal the following day, then you can cancel your membership by simply emailing But do remember that some discomfort is normal. Both for your muscles AND your knees. The golden rule is discomfort during and up to 2 hours after (in your knees) is okay. Pain longer than that or the following day in your knees, means that some part of the exercise needs modifying or an alternative.  

Are these post-operative/injury rehabiliation workouts? - No, these workouts are not designed to be post-surgery or injury rehab workouts. They are for the 'general population' who have bad knees. But do feel free to check in with your rehab provider and ask if you think Save the Knees would be appropriate during your recovery.  

I have osteoarthritis of the knee, is this going to be okay for me? - I have made every effort to ensure the workouts are safe for most 'bad knees' but of course each person is different in the way they experience pain and certain movements. One of my clients is bone-on-bone in both knees and can comfortably do all the exercises and workouts. But this does not necessarily mean it will the same for you. Which is why I have included the Seated Program as the perfect place to start and continue from, if you have OA that is more severe. Each week you will get at least one new seated workout added!  

Am I too old to start this? - First off, how old is old? I remember once thinking that 20 was old! Now I am closer to 40 and definitely do not consider myself old, although I know many others my age do! And when it comes to how old our bodies feel, this is largely determined by how mobile and active we are. The fantastic news is, you're never too old to improve your muscle quality - and consequently your activity levels! Studies show that a 90 year old who starts resistance training, will have the same response in her muscles as a 20 year old who starts lifting weights. Therefore if we make regular exercise a habit (and just what we do now), then will that mean you start to feel younger? So, only you can determine if you are too old, but from my opinion and experience - definitely not. 😉

How will I know if I'm doing the exercises correctly? - We have a couple of ways to ensure you're doing it right. The first is to join me during our LIVE workout each Friday at 1pm (New Zealand timezone), where I will have the chance to see you on the screen and help. This is done via the program we will use called Zoom. I will give you full instructions on how we do this. Or, you can send me a video clip of yourself either privately, or share it in our Facebook group so that others can also learn from my instruction. Either way, I will help correct you so that you feel confident in doing the exercises.

Do I need any special equipment to do the workout classes? - Each week there will be a brand new bodyweight only (no equipment) class. In your library, you will also have a growing set of classes that incorporate simple, home workout equipment like dumbbells, a kettlebell, or stretchy resistance bands. You do not need to invest in expensive equipment. You can pick the type of workouts you want to take based on what you enjoy and what equipment you have (or want to invest in). I love variety, and I offer lots of it so you can find something to do anywhere, from your living room, garden or even on holiday! With a variety of workouts to choose from, you’ll always have something fun to look forward to that you can do wherever you are. 

How long are the workouts? - If you start with the 28 Day Program (which will build up your tolerance to regular exercise), the workouts start at just 6 minutes. Then 9 minutes. 12 minutes and finally, 15 minutes long. This will mean you will feel confident in yourself to start the Membership workouts, which range from 20-25 minutes long. The Seated workouts are 10 minutes - which are perfect if you have joints that are really struggling. But that also means you can do two workouts in a day when you're ready to increase!

How long will it be before I see results? - This question is based on what results you are hoping to see and also related to how often you are going to do workouts to achieve that result. As such, I can not give you a firm answer. What I DO know, is that if you are committed to moving your body each week, you WILL see success in your life. This can be in many forms, such as; less knee pain, increased mobility, ease of doing everyday activities, decreased body fat, increased muscle tone, increased energy and increased joy in life! 

How do I cancel my Membership? - Simply email me at and I will take care of the cancellation right away. There is no commitment or obligation and you are not locked into anything beyond what you sign up for. Your membership will auto renew for you each month. How long you stay is completely up to you. As long as you are getting value from the classes, workouts, content, support and motivation, you should stay. From my years of experience running group fitness classes, many members find the program to be an integral part of their success and the results they get – specifically because it provides them with support and accountability – as well as fresh workouts. This is my intention for you too!